Our Patients


  • To minimize the number of patients in our waiting rooms, patients may be asked to wait in their cars after checking in with our front desk agents. Patients will then receive a text "page" when our technicians and doctors are ready for them.

  • We are taking extra precautions to pre-screen all patients prior to their arrival. We are rescheduling anyone who does not meet our stringent health guidelines.

  • Patients must bring their own mask or face covering. This can include anything that covers your nose and mouth, such as a bandana, scarf or homemade mask.

  • Everyone must be wearing a face covering BEFORE they enter any of our facilities or optical shops.

  • A series of question will be asked and temperatures will be taken and recorded if depending on the response.

  • Those who are accompanying patients will be asked to wait in their vehicle, unless they are needed to answer questions. We will text or call companions when the patient is ready to be picked up at the main entrance.

  • If a companion of a patient needs to enter the facility, they must undergo the same health screening as patients following all applicable safety measures.

 Our Staff

  • All staff have their temperatures checked and are questioned about symptoms every morning before they can report to work.

  • Clinical staff wear surgical masks at all times.

  • Staff sanitize and/or wash their hands before and after every patient.

  • Waiting room chairs, counters, doorknobs, exam chairs, equipment, and highly touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.

  • Social distancing measures have been implemented practice-wide.

    • We are monitoring patient volumes at all times.

    • Waiting room chairs are spaced out at least six feet apart.

    • Patient touch-points have been reduced where possible.

  • Waiting room volumes are determined by available space.

 Our Facilities


  • Our cleaning procedures adhere to stringent Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

  • We use only Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved cleaning and disinfecting products.

  • All waiting areas are cleaned throughout the day. This includes high touch surfaces such as chairs, doorknobs, tables, counter-tops, handles, and faucets.

  • Exam rooms are cleaned after every patient. In addition, we clean all of our waiting areas throughout the day and are minimizing traffic in those areas.

  • Testing equipment is disinfected after each patient.

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front desks and clinical areas.


To protect others, patients must bring their own mask or face covering.This can include anything that covers your nose and mouth. Your mask must be in place BEFORE entering any of our facilities including optical shops.


If you are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, coughing and/or difficulty breathing, or loss of taste or smell, and require an in-person evaluation, we may refer you to a facility equipped to handle COVID-19.

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